2 thoughts on “New Live Show This Friday @ 10PM!

  1. great show, guys. exceedingly good to hear you again.found you years ago and thought you were lost to the world.
    looking forward to many more.have listened to your old shows too many times to count and would love to again if you made them available on itunes(even tho itunes sux).better still make us pay for the old stuff and make some moolah. if you don’t charge too much, i’m in. and how bout filling us in on what the fuck you fellas have been up to in the years in between?
    i now have a 4 year old daughter and a way better life – how bout you?
    you were truly a life changing experience for me back then. opened my mind while pissing myself laughing.
    love and luck and xmas greetings to you all from myk in auckland new zealand.

    • Thanks for the great note Myk! That made my night.

      We’ve talked about doing a show about what we’ve been up to for the past four years, but I’m afraid it might be really boring. Maybe we’ll touch on it this next show we’re recording on December 28th.

      Old shows will all be available soon, both through the site and on iTunes. Look to somwhere around the early part of 2013 for that.

      Thanks so much for listening!

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