JASON is a man without a country, a king without a court, a horse with no name. Some day he will grow up, learn cyrillic and fulfill a life long dream of becoming the Ray Kroch of magnets.

MAT is a soft tossing righty with a flare for the dramatic. He works inside and out and finishes batters off with a devastating yacker. He’s an ok guy and means well but he’s a bit touched. Oh, and yes, he’s a disappointing lover who hopes to one day marry his cat.

VIKING ALX enjoys long evenings by the fire with his stamp collection, and spending time with his two Chow Chows: Chairman Mao and The Cultural Revolution.

BUCKY is curating the internet’s first ever library of digital video porn. Please don’t let the cat out of the bag, he’s anxiously looking to turn the world on it’s ear. In the meantime, you can stalk his excesses of food, beverage and other manners of self-abuse at the Outsider’s Almanac.
VIKING LEE. Robot herder, beat composer, sword smith.

MR. KING is a bon vivant, photographer, creator of hideous drawings, and a YouTube hundredaire. You can push his buttons at KING23.COM.

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